App Features

Features that make
your diet way easier

DietAssistant provides many useful features to keep your PKU diet as easy as possible.

  • Add eaten products to the Daily Log, so you always know how much you can still eat.
  • Export your Daily Log as PDF and share it.
  • Edit past days in the Calendar.
  • Enjoy a huge Collection with over 1300 products and add own products.
  • Add your Blood Values and keep Track on them.
  • Create custom reminders to never forget your amino acids.
  • NEW: You can now change your calculation-mode in the app's settings (Phe or Protein).

Download the App

DietAssistant for PKU is available for iOS and Android.


Enter your Phe-Level/Protein-Level

DietAssistant calculates your daily Phe consumption with your Phe-Level/Protein-Level.


Enjoy the app

Now you can easily manage your entire diet.